Julie René de Cotret

JuJe Collective stands to represent the interconceptual journey of Julie René de Cotret and Jefferson Campbell-Cooper's art careers, as they live, talk, produce visual artworks either individually or collaboratively, support each others art research and projects, make works in conversation or fully in collaboration.

JuJe Collective 

Platforms Project 2021
Rock Extraction 2019:  We live in a region outside Toronto, rich in gravel deposits from glacial times. We live in a town surrounded by gravel pits. Gravel trucks raddle the little house where we live, day and night. We live in a watershed; all the water runs through this gravel and gets purified. Fresh water springs are abundant in this area. The Credit River wines through this region, and near here is one of the last spawning grounds for the Brook Trout, a fresh water fish that is endangered. 


Despite the solemnness that the pandemic moment might inspire, growth and consumption has increased in Canada. Wealthy citizens are building and buying at an unprecedented rate, while the working class has experienced evictions and massive job losses during the dead of winter. 


JuJe is featuring Rock Extraction, 2019, because of its cannibalistic nature. The gravel here filters water, but instead it is being extracted to build large residential developments. The Brook Trout’s spawning ground on The Credit River will soon be home to a water waste treatment plant that will spew 7200000 liters of effluent, and be the end of the trout.  


This rock trailer object, has served as a mobile installation space for artists for many years. We used it in our performances for several more years and finally sacrificed it, to simplistically depict just how absurd Canadian extractive conventions are. 

JuJe Collective 
Platforms Project

20 - 25 May 2017 
Cultural Centre,
Charilaou Trikoupi 121,  
Athens 11473 

From Sea to Sea to Sea; Terrestrial Nautica is a found object amalgamative sculpture, created for the purpose of performance. Terrestrial Nautica is based in ideologies of climate change survival and independent spirited resourcefulness by Julie René de Cotret and Jefferson Campbell-Cooper. 

This sculpture is created from a snowmobile and a boat, joined together in such a way to traverse land or water, no matter the weather conditions. Terrestrial Nautica critically examines the contradictions of life and identity in Canada. As settler artists, we investigate the country's appetite for resource extraction to the detriment of the environment and life, on a national and global scale. 

JuJe Collective is honored to host the artwork of Sam Cotter for this exhibition.

Improvised Transmission, 2017 
Proposes barbed wire fencing as a communication device using a fence's span as the site of FM radio transmission. Barbed wire, a product linked to spatial demarcation and domination through its modular and mutable deployment, is used to transmit a signal which transcends the boundary the fence enforces. http://www.samcotter.ca/

Sam Cotter is a Toronto-based artist and writer whose practice exists at the intersection of research, text, and image. He regularly employs photography, film, and installation to examine issues of visual representation and artifice. Cotter is represented by Zalucky Contemporary (Toronto).

BIG - Biennale des espaces d'art indépendants de Genève . Milkshake Agency
Du 26-28 juin, 2015
Pour leur installation Minimart, Julie René de Cotret et Jefferson Campbell-Cooper offrent une expérience « immersive » fournie d’oeuvres qui ont pour conviction que la voie indépendante provient de la débrouillardise et des habilitées de bricoleurs.  Ils entreront en interaction avec le public à travers leurs pratiques artistiques variés.
  Julie René de Cotret nous présente vidéo, sculpture et une variété d’éditions d’objets présentés style « bazar ». Elle offre la possibilité au public de consommer ces trinquets à la Canadiana. Le container devient une boutique, un atelier et un salon où on peut visionner des oeuvres mais aussi prendre siège sur le canapé et devenir complice à l’installation complète.  Jefferson Campbell-Cooper donne au public le plan technique de ses «Constricyclettes», pour qu’ils puissent créer leur propre version. Ces plans seront présentés sous la forme d’une édition d’artiste de 500 exemplaires. La performance de Campbell-Cooper “Ouvrier / Inventeur” comprend une série d’actions en relation à l’entretien et à la maintenance communautaire. L’artiste démontre l’importance de l’effort de l’individuel en relation au bien-être social tout en créant certains objets servant à ces fonctions d’entretien, de maintenance et d’interaction avec le public. Ces « concoctions » seront créés de matériaux obtenus au marché aux puces le mercredi et samedi avant et pendant BIG. La performance à pour but d’engager le public à interroger leur propre habilité à changer l’environnement dans lequel ils existent pour le meilleur, dans l’esprit de la prospérité collective.
Le tout sera rehaussé de musique adaptée aux différents moments/mouvements de l’événement de BIG avec un mini-bar musical de Peter Stoffel.
Artiste invité: Julie René de Cotret & Jefferson Campbell-Cooper, Peter Stoffel.